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-13 Difficult People and Ways to Deal with Them: Holiday Edition
-Anxiety: 21 Ways to Calm Your Anxious Brain
-OCPD: 35 Underlying Causes of OCPD

-23 Ways to Spot a Narcissist on the First Date
-34 Ways to Talk to a Narcissist
-Narcissist and the Peter Pan Syndrome
-Narcissist and Dissociative Identity Disorder
-Good Mother, Bad Mother
-PTSD and Complex PTSD: How Chronic Anxiety, Childhood Trauma, Domestic Abuse and Toxic Relationships Cause PTSD and Complex PTSD
-88 Tell-Tale Signs of Narcissistic Mothers and Toxic Mothers
-How to Talk to a Difficult, Narcissistic or Toxic Parent (Without Being Pulled Into Their Drama)
-Narcissistic Aspies and Schizoids: How to Tell if the Narcissist in Your Life Has Aspergers Syndrome or Schizoid Personality Disorder
-The Electra Complex
-Narcissist and the Madonna-Whore Complex
-OCPD and Perfectionism: 7 Day Challenge
-Normal Human Variations: An Argument for Autism, Aspergers and Personality Disorders
-16 Signs of an Emotionally Mature and Emotionally Available Man
-16 Signs of an Abuser and Batterer
-Schizoid Personality Disorder
…and many, many more!

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Book launch!

Greetings! I have released collections of my favorite selection of J.B. Snow books on!  

BPD Collection; NPD Collection; Author Collection, Free Your Life Collection; Personality Disorders Collection; OCPD Collection

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