14 Ways to Lift Your Depression and Anxiety – NEW BOOK!

Good morning!
Today is the launch date of my new book 14 Ways to Lift Your Depression and Anxiety.
It will be available on Amazon shortly.
This ebook is dedicated to my friend, Todd, who committed suicide in June 2011.
I hope to help others to see that there are alternatives to our suffering.

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I hope that your day is great!
J.B. Snow


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New Independent Authors – Uphill Battle

Today Amazon implements the new KDP Select “Pay per Page Read” policies for authors enrolled in KDP Select.

Amazon’s Email states that 1.9 Billion pages were read in June, and the kitty for payout is $11 Million.

If I calculate that right, it comes out to roughly .0055 per page.

This means an author would have to publish a 300 page book (fully read by the reader) to equate to the roughly $1.50 royalty that they previously made per book borrowed.

This also means authors who cannot keep the reader’s attention with their 300 page fiction book might make as low as a few cents for their book being borrowed if the reader didn’t get past the first chapter or got too busy to finish the book.

This sure hurts authors who are trying to gain any traction.
They get lost in the millions of books available online, spend weeks or months marketing their books, only to make a few dollars.

How come we don’t pay for movie actors and singers this way?
If I don’t like my $15 movie or my $15 music CD, or some of the songs on the CD, can I decide not to pay for it or pay only for the half I liked?
If I buy a paperback, can I get my money back when I don’t read past chapter 5?
Maybe I’ll take my half eaten pizza back to the store and ask for a refund on the other half…

This is for sure a game-changer that will put many independent authors with voices completely out on the street.
Gone will be the works of art that our upcoming authors were excited to publish.

I would love to hear thoughts from some of my audience!


J.B. Snow

Book launch!

Greetings! I have released collections of my favorite selection of J.B. Snow books on Amazon.com!  

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