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Nearly 4,000 women die each year at the hand of their abuser.
Many people are quite adversely affected by overt and covert narcissistic abuse.

The emotional damage can be absolutely devastating:  gas-lighting, lying, manipulation, mind control, stealing, cheating…

Only a person who has been through narcissistic abuse can truly understand the pain that it causes and the different dimensions that are involved in the narcissistic abuse.

Narcissistic abuse and emotional invalidation from another person can cause us psychoses, nervous breakdowns, trauma bonding, cognitive dissonance, Stockholm Syndrome, Alice in Wonderland Syndrome, dissociation, depersonalization, Cassandra Syndrome, PTSD and Complex PTSD, Medea Syndrome and more.

What most of us don’t realize is that the narcissist has the emotional maturity of a 6-year-old.    We become ensnared in a trap where we cycle between loving and hating the narcissist that is in our life:  we love the endearing child that lies beneath the surface, but we hate the emotionally immature behavior of the narcissistic child who is trapped in an adult’s body.

The narcissist continuously seeks to break us and bring us down to his level because he is uncomfortable with our status in life.  We are a threat to the narcissist, and he struggles to beat us down and control us at his level.

This man-child is never able to take responsibility or accountability for what he is.  He projects all shame and blame onto others, throws gargantuan tantrums, cycles wildly in his emotional polarity, and then comes back to play as though nothing ever happened.

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Check out our library of over 200+ ebooks and audiobooks here!

The narcissist treats the people around him as though they are dollies – he is ready to play with them when he feels like it, and then he puts them up on a shelf to be ignored when a more interesting toy comes along.

Stop being the adult plaything to a narcissist.  This book will teach you how to instill manners in any narcissist in your life – and it is written by someone who is skilled at giving the narcissist a dose of his own medicine.

J.B. Snow and Jamie Keller have written a library of over 200 ebooks and audiobooks dedicated to educating and fighting narcissistic abuse from coworkers, bosses, parents, grandparents, children, partners and more.

They aim to save lives of those who are being abused at the hand of their parents, partners or other narcissistic people.

They have aided over 7900 people in helping to stop narcissistic abuse dead in its tracks, and educating people on how to take back control of their lives before it is too late.

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Jamie Keller is a life coach and an authority on narcissistic personality disorder.  Jamie has witnessed firsthand the devastation that can happen to families who are living in domestic violence shelters because of narcissistic abuse. 

Jamie has been on the front lines, coping with all of the narcissistic behavior that you have been exposed to.  Jamie analyzes narcissists inside and out to see why they tick and what to do about them.

It has become the author’s mission to protect anyone who is suffering at the hands of the narcissist, to persevere through cheating/divorce/abuse/custody battles, and to pull them out of the ashes.

Narcissists can take away your children, get you into legal hot water, rob you blind and control your assets.  They can devastate your very survival and your emotional well-being.  A narcissist can kill you. 

If you think that your narcissist isn’t capable of these things, think again.  Nearly 4,000 women die each year at the hand of their abuser.    

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Check out our library of over 200+ ebooks and audiobooks here!

Excitotoxic Cell Death – Are you too sensitive?


Are you too sensitive?
Do textures bother you?
Does noise bother you?
Do other people tend to bother and annoy you?
Do you become irritable and ‘snappy’ for seemingly no reason at all?

Are you bothered by lights, textures, foods?
Do you have too many intolerances to name?
Are you prone to yeast and fungal infections
in your gut, sinuses, ears and skin?
Do you have asthma, IBS, Fibromyalgia, nerve damage or chronic pain?
Are you prone to scabies, skin mites, bird mites, chiggers, mosquitos, fleas and parasites?
Do you wonder why your spouse doesn’t suffer the same afflictions as you?

Are you experiencing learning disabilities, brain fog, memory problems?
ADHD?  Schizophrenic or disorganized thinking?  Asperger’s Syndrome or Schizoid Disorder?

The source of all of these problems may be due to excitotoxity of the central nervous system from the free glutamates that are being put into our foods and drinks!

Too many free glutamates that are put into our diet in order to
improve the taste and make our foods more appealing
cause us to become addicted to them so that we purchase more of these
addictive foods.

EXCESS free glutamates over-excite our nervous system.
They don’t just over-excite the taste centers in our brain,
but they over-excite the rest of our nervous system.
This over-excitement causes a condition called excitoxocity.

Excitotoxity causes sensory processing disorders, sensory overload and sensitivities.
Excitotoxicity causes food intolerances, immune disorders and allergies to foods and the environment.
Excitotoxicity and hypercalcemia DAMAGE our brains and bodies!
It causes apoptosis –  CELL DEATH!

Excitotoxicity is implicated in Multiple Sclerosis, brain disease and injury, Alzheimer’s, Stroke, Fibromyalgia, Parkinson’s Disease, Dimentia, Huntington’s disease and Schizophrenia.
It worsens Autism, ADHD, and learning and memory deficits.

Excitotoxity causes hypercalcimia (too much calcium in our body that damages our neurons and other body structures).

Autistic children are said to ‘regress’ by age 2.
Bright children with a certain set of ‘abnormal’ genetics are born with high testosterone in the womb.  They are already predisposed for sensitivity to free glutamates, including man-made gluten and dairy products.

Could it be that these children are ‘regressing’ after 2 years of the American diet – high in
gluten with free glutamates in them, free glutamates, processed foods, fast foods, and dairy with free glutamates in them?

These children are said to be sensitive to high levels of free glutamates.
Free glutamates overexcite their little systems, reving them up for more damage down the road.

Many people who have autistic brain wiring due to genetics
are prone to the possibility of bipolar disorder and schizophrenia later in life.
Is this based on their diet?

Is this why mad scientists exist?
People with autistic brain wiring and task-orientated genetics
are intolerant to our current diet?

Glycine (in most meats) is used to help in the treatment of schizophrenia.
It is found in many people all over the internet who have social awkwardness or autism/asperger’s symptoms also find out later in life that have Ehler’s Danlos Syndrome (problems with collagen and elasticity in their bodies that is damaging their body – causing uterine and bladder prolapses, dental problems, scoliosis, hernias, hyperflexibility and hypermobility, heart disease, cancer increase, etc?)

Is this a coincidence?
Or are these types genetically prone to intolerance to free glutamates?

Is excitotoxicity from free-glutamate overload the reason why our children have ADHD and Autistic symptoms?
Is it the reason our elderly have Alzheimer’s, Dimentia, Parkinson’s Disease, Diabetes and Cancer?
Is it the reason that we have an increase in autistic, ADHD and Schizoid adults?
Is it the reason that thyroid and hormonal disorders are on the rise?

Is this the reason that so many people are afflicted with Narcissistic traits, Asperger’s Syndrome, OCPD, OCD, Borderline Personality Disorder, Intermittent Explosive Disorder, Alice in Wonderland Syndrome, Bipolar Disorder, Schizophrenia, Schizoid Disorder, Social Awkwardness, Paranoid Personality Disorder, PTSD, Complex PTSD and more?

Is it the reason we are all being overloaded by lights, noise, touch, chronic pain, muscle dysfunction?   Is it the reason we are annoyed with our environment and everything in it?
Is is the reason we have emotional sensitivities instead of being open, loving, social, giving and communicative?

I hope that we seek to ask these questions while we are buying our lattes and donuts for breakfast.

Is a paleo diet (non-dairy, no gluten, reduction in free glutamates) the answer if meat (glycine) helps treat severe brain disease like schizophrenia?

Is green tea and l-theanine (to reduce free glutamates) the reason that other countries are becoming smarter than us?  Should we exchange our processed junk and lattes for green teas and fruits/veggies/low fat meats?

Will this prevent our children’s ADHD, Autism… and later, dimentia, stroke, alzheimer’s and cancers?

If you love those around you – please pass this information on.
Excitotoxicity IS a big deal.

J.B. Snow
Bestselling Author of over 200 ebooks and audiobooks

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Upcoming Projects from the desk of J.B. Snow

As you know, I am always launching new and exciting projects!

At J.B. Snow Publishing, we never stop learning and growing,and hopefully I can drag a few other inspired people with me on our journey to personal growth!

On a personal level, we recently bought a new house and took a 2600-mile road trip to visit the Disney Boardwalk, Lookout Mountain and attractions in Florida, Tennessee and Kentucky!

It was an awful lot of fun!
It’s been quite a busy month on the home front!

At the office, our most recent projects are quite diverse.

We are excited to share them with you, and we hope that you will celebrate our successes with us!

Upcoming J.B. Snow Publishing Projects…
-We have just launched our new Life Coach website called!  Jump over there to check out our blog posts that are intended to Heal – Inspire – Transform!

-A Young Adult Fiction series – Book 1 is coming out this summer! We are attempting to launch it via Amazon’s new Kindle Scout program!  We will have a sneak preview coming soon!

-J.B. Snow: Certified Life Coach personal growth sessions – Launch Date: Winter 2016

-J.B. Snow: Certified Life Coach Youtube Channel – Launch Date: Fall 2016
-J.B. Snow: Certified Life Coach Podcast on iTunes – Launch Date: Winter 2016
-Bookagog Book Reviews site and Free ebooks newsletter
-Bookagog Self-Publishing Courses on Udemy and Skillshare children’s clothing and gifts – tentative launch 2017
-J.B. Snow: Certified Life Coach Info Products on ClickBank: tentative launch date

Our goals might be a bit ambitious, but our team is working around the clock to help others achieve greatness!

Watch us in the future for more updates!

J.B. Snow
Certified Life Coach and Bestselling Author

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The CURE for OCPD, Anxiety, Mental Disorders, Autism and Sensory Processing Disorder?

Good morning,
I have found some things that I wanted to share with you…
I’ve been doing a ton of research on Autism and OCPD due to my children and husband being autistic/OCPD.
From what I have learned, genetics in autism cause sensitivities to things like glutamate in the brain.

Glutamate is in most of our processed foods, dairy, casein, wheat/gluten.

In very high doses, free glutamates actually damage the neurons and cells in the brain
(this is why the brain becomes inflamed and damaged after a concussion or brain injury – the cells are broken and glutamate rushes into the surrounding cells and tissues – causing traumatic brain injury symptoms).
Some of the stuff I read says that cutting out foods with free glutamates in them actually helps OCD (repetition and compulsion symptoms), autistic symptoms, anxiety symptoms, sleep problems, memory/focus issues, and ADHD symptoms.
High glutamates are present in processed foods, whey, casein, gluten, dairy and more.
There are supplements (like l theanine that is present in Green Tea) that helps to reduce glutamates in the brain and increases GABA.
High glutamates actually continually damages the brain over time, lowering the IQ and causing increasing ADHD and OCD symptoms.
We are on a paleo diet, and my children are significantly less autistic/OCD when they are eating right.
In fact, their autism is reduced so drastically by a change in diet that an expert CANNOT TELL that they are autistic at all (despite being diagnosed as autistic by multiple specialists).
If they are given MnM’s or other dairy/processed/gluten foods, they start hand-flapping, grunting, spinning around in circles and doing OCD and repetitive tasks to burn off their energy.
They have attention problems, behavior problems, sensory issues and meltdowns.
High glutamate in the brain is actually responsible for over-stimulating the nerves in the brain, leading to sensory processing disorders (sensitivities in touch, light, sound, environment).
High glutamate also causes extreme grumpiness (this is why people with head injuries become quite aggressive and moody).
Do some more research on it yourself and make an informed decision:)

J.B. Snow
Bestselling Author of over 200 ebooks and audiobooks

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