How Narcissists are Cutting State Aid

Did you know 2 million mothers are without custody of their children?

This seems to be the justice system’s new way of cutting state funding and
preserving their own bonuses and salaries.

Give children to fathers who are working full-time.
Remove custody from stay-at-home mothers
who might require state or federal assistance in order to leave their spouse.

Pretty good in theory.
The justice system even thinks the mothers deserve this (after all, they should have stayed with a drunk, abusive, self-centered, criminal or cheating husband).

However, the justice system is not considering the startling consequences of removing children from their mothers.

It is said that a huge percentage of children who have experienced over 6 months of separation from either parent before age 5 wind up in jail or prison by the time they are adults.

How many million children are currently being affected by the 2 million moms who are barred from taking responsibility for the offspring they gave birth to?

How many million children are now being raised without a nurturing female figure in their lives, and subsequently saddled with overwrought and overworked single fathers who hardly have time for them and maybe never even wanted children?

How about the health of the millions of grandparents who are now saddled with helping to raise their son’s children instead of enjoying their own retirement?

Maybe the state is lowering Badgercare costs, but raising Medicare costs, costs of healthcare to stressed out elderly grandparents and dads who didn’t want to be dads at all (deadbeat dads who took the children away just to assert their refusal to pay child support to a woman to raise their kids), and costs of penitentiaries.

I guess our screwed up kids will be back in the legal system,
paying more wages to the attorneys, judges and justice system
who took them away and screwed them up in the first place.

Seems to be a good self-sustaining system,
albeit void of any sort of just, fair or lawful decision-making
where these young children are concerned.

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The Real Truth about the Narcissism Epidemic

The real truth about the narcissist is that he is vicious, and he is out for blood.

He has others willing to help him take you down in ways that you never imagined.

There is nothing that you can do to defend or protect yourself from the narcissist’s take down.  He is nothing short of a tiger going in for the kill of his prey.  He will have you by the throat, and there will be nothing that you can do to protect yourself from him.

The narcissist has flying monkeys.  He throws them financial rewards, fame, fortune, love, admiration and more.  I’ll scratch your back, you scratch mine.  There is dark money involved when the narcissists get together.  The know and feel they are different from others.  They will tell you this many times over.

The truth of the matter is that there are more narcissists out there than we think.  This is why my books sell.  The people who are kind, thoughtful and generous are being eaten alive by the narcissist and his cohorts.  There are tribes full of narcissists in other countries.  It is a wonder that they don’t off each other because they are so vicious.

However, the narcissist respects the other narcissists.  So long as they support each other and scratch each other’s backs, they have no bones to pick with one another.

A non-narcissist is seen as weak and defenseless against the narcissists.  The narcissist knows this.  He will swoop in and sabotage your entire life in the blink of an eye.  He wants to consume everything that there is to consume from your life.  He wants to leave you in shatters.  He hates that you can do things that he cannot do due to his deficits.  So he will continue to take, take, take.  He will take until there is nothing left of you.  He feels that he is deserving of everything that everyone else has.  He will not earn it in any way.  He will simply take it.

The narcissist comes in many forms.  Unfortunately, this includes professionals.  You might find yourself face to face with one or more narcissistic professionals in the court room.  In fact, people who thrive on procedures and rules seem to have a reduction in their overall empathy.

You are just another case, more money, and a bigger house for them.  They don’t care why you are there.  They don’t care if the other person gave you 2 concussions, strangled you nearly to death, broke your toes or totaled your car.  These are all technicalities to them.

All they care about is the dark money that circulates.  The admiration that they can achieve from pitting one side against another, supporting the narcissist and his family, making sure one sides prevails.  The best interests of anyone never enter the picture.

Narcissists have no guilt, no feelings, no empathy, no intuition, and no introspection.  These leaves literally no ability for them to self-correct or feel guilty about their decisions or their behaviors.

To them, you are the foreign one.  You are not a narcissist.  They will feel as though you don’t fit.  They will harm you and push you out until you give up and throw in the towel.

Narcissism seems to be increasing in great volumes.
It is almost as though the world is being consumed by this new breed of human being.
Like the earth is getting rid of the emotions of humans in order to bolster the survival of mankind.  Maybe emotions are counterproductive to everything that man has to use to thrive in the upcoming generations.

This swerving of the evolutionary scale toward narcissism leaves the world full of cold, emotionless worker drones who are on autopilot, and who don’t adjust their course of action when they are clearly being amoral or dishonest.

These types are, unfortunately, at the helm of the ship.
They are making decisions that should not have been left to a people who is on autopilot and unable to see the true result of their actions.

The emotional, generous and loving people in the world are turning to drugs, alcohol, prescription medication and other means of numbing the pain.
They are wondering why they cannot cope.

They cannot cope because the true number of emotional, kind and friendly people is decreasing at an alarming rate.  They are in rehab, killed in accidents, stuck in mental hospitals, or commit suicide because they cannot cope.

It is not clear whether God and evolution is encouraging this emotionless human being to exist due to the frailty of those with emotions, or whether these cold worker drones come from another place altogether.

These task-oriented/object-oriented types seem to have existed since the beginning of time (to build pyramids, castles, etc.), but they seem to be manning the ship instead of being the mindless workers that they are in nature (certain species/roles of bees, monkeys, etc.)

This leaves the lot of emotional, intelligent and self-correcting people in extreme confusion as to the fate of their own life, the lives of their offspring, and the state of the country and the planet.

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Why you should never leave your batterer

Many domestic violence shelters will constantly tell you to leave your batterer.
Your friends and family may wonder why you stayed this long.
Even Child Protective Services may tell you that they will remove your children from you if you let them continue to be witness to battery.

The truth of the matter is that none of these people will come to your aid once the battle is underway in court.

The batterer has a significant number of advantages that will almost always sway the judge and guardian ad litem his way.

  1. He has a child-like demeanor.  Everyone falls for his tall tales stating how he is the victim.  Everyone.  No one is immune to it.  Remember how you fell for it in the beginning, too?  Both attorneys, the judge, the guardian ad litem, friends, family, counselors, psychiatrists – everyone will side with him, and there will be nothing that you can do about it.
  2. He will ensure that you are destitute and broke.  This causes you an inability to get adequate legal representation, and you CANNOT win in court without this.  The court is full of rules and procedures, and if you miss following even one of them, you can compromise your entire case.
  3. He will be sure to get the best attorney that money can buy.  That attorney will be mean.  He will rip you apart when you are on the stand giving your testimony.  He will confuse you, and then will make you look like the bad guy again.
  4. He will be able to rally more help than you can even imagine.  The batterer pulls together all his resources with his child-like demeanor and charm.  The batterer usually has bullying family members who stand for his convictions, and they will help him to squash you like a bug in and out of court.
  5. The batterer has zero boundaries.  He will do whatever it takes to win.  This includes ensuring you are locked out of everything you own, robbed of every penny that you have, and left with no transportation even if he has to total your car himself.  Do not put it past him to stalk you and monitor your movements in any way that he can.  Also expect him to use everything you do against you, even if it is simply taking your kids to the waterpark.
  6. Bullying the batterer back in court rarely gets him off your back.  He will keep coming at you with a vengeance because he is full of anger and rage toward you.  His pride is hurt from you leaving, and he will hit you where it counts.  If he doesn’t know where that is, he will make sure that he hits everything that he thinks is even remotely important to you.
  7. The batterer will ask for things in court that he doesn’t even want, just to hurt you and make you pay for leaving.
  8. The batterer will never respect your boundaries.  Most batterers don’t even respect the judge’s boundaries.  He will violate the court orders, violate the visitation schedules, and wait for a time to pounce to take things away from you.  They almost never adhere to restraining orders.  The statistics for restraining order violations are staggering.
  9. The batterer will con the police and the district attorney so that he is never prosecuted for beating you, taking your belongings, stalking you or violating the restraining orders.  No one will enforce any of these violations in your favor because the batterer is two steps ahead, and you can guarantee he has already convinced them that they should side with him.
  10. The batterer always preempts everything and is almost always one step ahead of you.  He has already been there before you even got there.  Most of the time this is because he is manipulative, and also because he is monitoring your actions to preempt you in all your efforts to fight back.
  11. You can almost guarantee that he will remove your children from your custody.  He turns on his child-like demeanor and charm, which everyone falls for.  He will minimize everything that was done to you.  No one will ultimately care or empathize with the destruction that he has done to your life.  No one will care that he beat you to near death.  To them, his abuse is so unbelievable that they won’t believe it at all, even when faced with photos and testimony that he beat you.
  12. Everyone gives the batterer a second chance, and a third, and a fourth.  Most people who are involved in court don’t understand how severely a batterer affects the entire family.  They don’t understand that the children will have nightmares the rest of their life due to the abuse.  They don’t understand that the children will marry batterers when they grow up around them.  The court allows the battery cycle to go on and on.
  13. The batterer can ‘rehabilitate’ to the court – meaning all he must take is a class and be suddenly forgiven for everything that he ever did to you, including death threats and trying to kill you.  All his actions are minimized once they feel he is ‘better’, even though you know he will never change.
  14. The batterer is on his ‘first’ chance with the court.  The court doesn’t realize you gave him 58 chances to stop hitting you and to start being a normal person.
  15. No one will care about his drug problems, sexual promiscuity, child predator behaviors and other issues that he has.  No one.
  16. Domestic violence shelters and CPS will not assist you in court against a batterer.  Once you remove yourself from his battery, you will be at the mercy of the judge, the guardian ad litem, and the attorneys.
  17. The guardian ad litem will be harsh on you.  They will ask why you don’t live in a castle, why you can’t afford premium tuition for yout child to go to the best schools, why you drive a junk car, and why you picked your job/friends/lifestyle.  You will feel already battered by your batterer, and then you will be picked apart again by everyone in the court system.  It is nothing short of torture.
  18. The court will take away your ability to make any decisions on your own life anymore.  Again, the court system makes the batterer look like a cake walk.  You will feel beat up and bruised and battered again from going through the painful and grueling process.
  19. Many of the attorneys don’t want the process to come out favorable.  They make money off you the longer you are wrapped up in the court process and fighting with the batterer.
  20. The laws and rules don’t apply.  If you look up the laws, there are all these laws against batterers getting custody due to the presumption of Domestic Violence.  The statistics show that this rule is almost never followed.  The batterer usually gets half or full custody in nearly every situation.
  21. Battery convictions don’t even help you win your court case against your batterer.  If he sat his time or was on probation, they will feel he is rehabilitated and paid for his crime against you.  And they will believe that his offense was against you.  They will not at all think that he would harm anyone if you weren’t around.  Therefore, they buy into his theory that it is all your fault.
  22. The documentation is almost never useful.  Photos, police reports, therapy reports, medical reports – you can have years and years, including witnesses, and the batterer will still convince the court system that he has rehabilitated.  No one really takes domestic violence seriously at all.
  23. The court will use your efforts to protect yourself and your children against you.  All of these things will make you look disagreeable and contrary.  The courts feel that every parent should be supportive of the children having a relationship with the other parents, even if they are violent and unstable.
  24. All the people who promised they would back you up if you left will not be there for you once the court process begins.  If CPS or the domestic violence shelter told you to leave and put a safety plan in place for you, they will not testify or write a report or letter on your behalf telling the courts that they did this.  It will look like all your actions were of your own volition, and no one will back you up in court.
  25. Most of your friends, family and affiliates will not stand up for you.  People don’t want to be involved in court, don’t want to testify, or don’t want to stand up to a bully for fear of retaliation.  Expect that you will get little to no help when you have to go to court.  Some of these people will even side with the batterer suddenly, especially if they are unhappy that you drug them into court to testify.
  26. The batterer has the ability to get your address unsealed from the courts even if you try to move far, far away from him and try to keep your new life confidential.  In many cases, the courts think that he has the right to this information even if he tried to kill you.  You won’t be able to convince them otherwise.
  27. The batterer will make you look irrational and unstable for being terrified of him.  He will find a way to twist the terror and angst he has caused you into his favor.
  28. He will never let you date or have a normal life.  He will make sure to ruin anything that you try to do for yourself.
  29. No one will ever prosecute the batterer for what it is that he is doing to break the law.  Not the police.  Not the FBI.  Not the U.S. Marshalls Office.  You can yell from the top of the mountain regarding his criminal behaviors, and he will always find a way to evade justice.
  30. You will never win.  Resign yourself to that truth.  This is the reason that you should exercise extreme caution with who you pick for a partner.  Another person can literally destroy your entire life, and not feel one ounce of remorse for doing it.

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18 Truths You Must Know About Manipulative People

18 Truths You Must Know About Manipulative People (Transcend Mediocrity Book 200) by [Keller, Jamie]

You may not want to admit it, but manipulative people are everywhere. The manipulator in your life could be your neighbor, your boss, or your coworker. It could even be your child or your spouse. Like it or not, we sometimes succumb to the whims of manipulators. If we do not educate and protect ourselves, we even become victimized by manipulators. They are sometimes extraordinarily difficult to detect. It is even harder to determine what their motives are, and where their limits are.
Most people want to trust other people to some extent. We don’t enjoy being paranoid or having to check up on another person. This is particularly true if the manipulators in your life are adults. We want to believe that everyone has ‘grown up’. We want other people to ‘earn our trust’. We want to believe that people are trustworthy, genuine, friendly and honest.
Once you have been taken advantage of by a manipulator, it shakes your own sense of emotional and mental wellbeing. You begin to wonder if other people cannot be trusted. You may become hypervigilant toward the person who victimized you, constantly searching for other signs that they will hurt you again. This causes extreme stress and discomfort, especially in the lives of those who are prone to experiencing anxiety when their environment and those around them are not predictable.
This ebook will dispel many truths about manipulative people that you may not have known. It will open your eyes to their tactics, their motives, and their psychological states. The author has firsthand experience with some of the best manipulators out there. She has used wisdom gained over 4 decades and a significant amount of bring you up-to-date information about manipulators. Armed with this information, you can better assess the situations that you are in. You can make informed decisions, learn when to trust, and how to cope with the manipulators tactics.

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